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Whether you're looking for a new job or the right applicant to complete your team: with our platform, you'll find your perfect match. How? Simple. Fill out the questionnaire to complete your profile and then #MatchWithTheBest. What's happening behind the scenes? Joineer's learning algorithm doesn't just take into account traditionally-considered hard skills. Instead, we go the extra mile in capturing social orientation, personal strengths, team culture and other values important to job-seeker and employer alike. By combining hard and soft skills and traits with a streamlined process, Joineer makes matching with the best positions and applicants easy for you. Stop searching and get matching!

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We believe in a world where soft factors are as important as hard facts. The labor market is in the midst of an evolution. Employees' expectations and employers' changing needs, both created and exacerbated by digitalization, have transformed traditional ways of working to inadequate and old-fashioned. Recruitment techniques must keep up with this evolution. We're convinced that it's time for a recruitment revolution, and we're charging ahead. Join(eer) us!

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